Main feature
1. Using gasification incineration technology, it is suitable for incineration of syringes, drip containers and other domestic medical equipment, as well as various paper waste materials, ribbons, absorbent cotton, various domestic sewage and various waste discharged from hospitals and living institutions.
2. The gasification incineration method is adopted, and the garbage generated every day can be incinerated once.
3. Utilize gasification incineration, mixed incineration, burn-out treatment and other technologies to make exhaust smoke and smoke dust content lower than national emission standards.
4. Fully enclosed operation is adopted, which is suitable for treating infectious domestic waste and avoiding secondary pollution.
5. Small size and small footprint.
6. This series of incinerators use light diesel as fuel, and users can use different types according to their needs.

Flow dissolved air flotation machine


Large processing capacity, high efficiency and low land occupation.

 Simple structure, easy to operate and maintain.

Eliminate sludge swelling.

 Removing the surfactant and odor in the water has a significant effect.

Main Categories

(DAF/CAF) Air Flotation
Mud Scraper
Mechanical Grille/Bar Screen
Solid-liquid Separation Machine(Sludge Dewatering)